Version: 1.0.33 – 80

  • Improved Search functionality
  • Major performance overhaul to improve handling of more than 1000 entries
  • Load Organizing as new Event Type
  • Custom jump and tunnel session types
  • Improved Statistics overview
  • Logbook import feature as beta feature

Version: 1.0.19 – 65

  • New Wind Tunnel Map added
  • Aircraft field added in logbook
  • Jump Counter Bug fixed when updating existing Jumps

Version: 1.0.18 – 64

  • New Dropzone Map Layout with Search function and updated Data
  • New Course Category within Event Section
  • New Logbook Export Functionality
  • Added Solo section in Wind Tunnel Logbook
  • Added more Skydive Types (Static Line, Accuracy Landing, Style Jump, Other)
  • Added dropzone search within logbook activity
  • Rigger and Manufacturer added in User Profile
  • Improved bookmark function for events
  • New event type filter (Boogies, Courses, Camps)